For Sale

**SOLD** to JML Farms from Lamont County
Born: February 23, 2019
BW: 86
WW: 915

Wow! This is the complete package. TMK Great Gatsby 1G has shown great potential since day one. Coming out of a stacked pedigree that goes back to both Admiral and Mack Attack, this guy will make you some thick muscled calves and broody maternal daughters, just the kind that can lay the foundation for a great purebred or commercial program. Gatsby is built for performance with a strong topline, powerful rib shape, and thick muscle mass you want in a top herd sire. He’s smooth moving, quiet, and easy to handle, pair that with performance packed EPD’s, and Great Gatsby is just calling out to be your next herd sire.


**SOLD** to JML Farms from Lamont County
Born: March 27, 2019
BW: 86
WW: 828

Just call him show stopper! TMK Great Gizmo 8G is a gorgeous deep cherry red that’s almost black. Paired with a fancy front, fine bone structure, and overall eye appeal, he’s sure to deliver you some fancy calves. Gizmo is out of a good uddered, larger framed, power house of a cow that brings growth numbers galore, and paired with a calving ease sire, we know Gizmo has what it takes to be an excellent herd sire. He has a nice quiet disposition which makes him easy to handle for small operations, but he moves well so he’d do great in larger operations too. Gizmo’s combination of eye appeal, performance numbers, and calving ease makes him one to see for sure.

Purebred (94)
Born: March 30, 2019
BW: 88     WW: 812

Nothing but smooth sailing with TMK Good Fella 9G! This guy is smooth bodied, thick topped and very well balanced. He is the maternal half-brother of our high selling bull last year, proving his Dam as a top bull maker. This Fella is well put together with length, thickness and a sweet little calving ease head that will surely carry on in his calves. He carries a good foot, moves well and will be ready to go to work on your herd this spring. With Good Fella as your herd sire, you can be confident in ease of calving while also enjoying the profits from thick meaty calves in the fall.

Purebred (94)
Born: April 17, 2019
BW: 91      205-Day: 890

Take a look at this growth machine! TMK Hilltop Gunner 12G is an April calf, almost 2 full months behind our first calves, but you’d never know it to look at him in the pen. This guy is long bodied, strong topped, with an impressive hair coat in a traditional Gelbvieh gold. He weaned out at an impressive 780 pounds in October, which translates into a whopping 890 pound 205-day weight. Gunner is backed with great genetics out of two exceptional programs, Milnes and Winders, so we can guarantee he will deliver top quality calves. If you are looking to add pounds to your program, Gunner is the bull for you!

Purebred (94)
Born: February 25, 2017
Adj BW: 73     Adj WW: 705     Adj YW: 1115​​
Ease Along's his name, CONSISTENCY is his game! This 3-year-old herd sire has delivered such exceptional calves, we already have too many of his daughters to keep him around. Ease Along throws consistent 80-90lb calves, all with nice little calving ease heads. These calves grow like crazy with muscle to spare. He's quiet, experienced, and ready to add exceptional calves to your program starting this summer. 
Available after June 15