Why Gelbvieh?

Because a good bottom line starts with a great cow herd.


Gelbvieh cattle are docile, and known for their quiet temperament. They have great longevity which reduces herd replacement costs over time.


Gelbvieh cows are very maternal with strong fertility, mothering instincts, good udders, and strong milk production. They tend to have smaller bodied calves, which allows for easier calving.


When talking beef production, Gelbvieh cattle gain weight at an efficient rate, with high weaning weights. This combined with their quiet nature makes for meat that is lean and tender.

Who We Are

Hilltop Gelbvieh is owned and operated by Tom Kulak and family near Stony Plain, Alberta.

We are a small, family run operation that allows us to select and breed only the best in the breed. By choosing the highest quality genetics and keeping only the best producers in our herd, we are turning out superior cattle that can work for purebred herds and add value to commercial operations as well.  
Visitors are always welcome to tour through the cow herd or take a look at the bull calves. If you have any questions or would like any more information on our program do not hesitate to contact us.